Fedloan Servicing Contact Information

Fedloan servicing is setup by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency or PHEAA in order to provide support to the US Department of Education when it comes to providing loans to students to help them fund their education. This is basically owned by the federal government and its main purpose is to offer loan servicing to students nationwide. If you are interested to avail of this facility, then you might be interested to know the Fedloan servicing contact information. There are three ways with which you can contact the Fedloan servicing office.

Through Email

The first option is to contact them through email. You can simply visit the website through www.myfedloan.org. On the upper right hand corner of the homepage, you will find there a link that says “Contact Us”. When you click on this, you will be taken to a page that will provide you various means of contacting them. First is through email, and on this Fedloan servicing contact information, you will need to fill out your first name and last name and of course, your inquiry, together with your email address.

Accessing the Fedloan Servicing Login Page

Fedloan servicing is a program established by the Federal Government to help students in availing of a student loan to help fund their education. This program is fully supported by the government and the main purpose is to grant educational loans to qualified students. In order to assist students in keeping track of their outstanding loans, they have set up a web portal which can be accessed through www.myfedloan.org. Before a student can make use of the website however, they need to sign in through the Fedloan servicing login page. There are various things that you can do as soon as you are able to log in to the website.

Make a Payment

Having an account on the web portal allows a student to make payments for outstanding loans and this can be done through direct debit. Simply click on the option that says “direct debit” if you prefer to pay this way. If you want to do some loan payoff, you need to choose the “loan payoff” option right after you access the Fedloan servicing login page.

Fedloan Servicing – Better Loan Options

myfedloan.orgEducation has become one of the most important aspects of our life and therefore many people are always looking for better loans that can allow them to pursue the educational dreams that they have. Myfedloan.org is a fedloan servicing website and it offers better loan options to many students and graduates that are looking for better degree programs in the future. Myfedloan.org was started by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency that helps the US Department of Education to offer better student loans especially to graduates and students that cannot afford higher fee for their education. The PHEAA have been using this site to ensure that students go for better federal loans that can allow them to handle their educational dreams.

The Fedloan Servicing is one of the organizations that have been authorized by the US Department of Education to offer loan services to various students across the nation in the easiest and convenient way.

Federal Plus Loan

In this day and age a college education is more important and more expensive than ever before making it necessary to borrow money to pay the high cost of education. However, many parents don’t like the idea of their child starting out their professional career with years of accumulated debt from those student loans and so choose to apply for a Federal plus loan in order to help pay for their dependent child’s education, thus relieving their child from the financial burden of paying for their college education.

What Is A Federal Plus Loan?

A Federal plus loan is an educational loan taken out by the parents of a dependent child to pay for all or part of the child’s education needs. The amount of these loans covers the cost of attendance minus any financial aid that your child gets from another source. For example, if your child gets a scholarship that pays for part of their tuition, the amount of the Federal plus loan will be lowered by the amount of the scholarship money.

A Federal Loan Consolidation

If you have completed your college education and paid part of that education with Federal Student loans then you may want to consider a Federal loan Consolidation also known as a direct consolidation loan.

What is a Direct Federal Loan Consolidation?

A Federal loan consolidation allows you to combine multiple federal student loans into one loan with one monthly loan payment. There is no application fee when you apply for a direct federal loan consolidation so don’t be fooled by companies that make claims to be the “real thing” and then ask for an application fee to process your application.

However, you do need to keep in mind that a Federal loan consolidation is only for Federal Student loans and that you can not consolidate private loans under the Direct Federal loan consolidation program.

Federal Loan Consolidation

Why Consider A Federal Loan Consolidation?

There are many reasons why you might want to consider a Federal loan consolidation and here are a few things to consider.

• Combining all those Federal Student loans can simplify your loan payments because you will be making only one payment each month instead of three or four payments. This will help to ensure that you won’t forget any payments as there will only be one to keep track of.

Is there a Fedloan Servicing Scam?

If you are someone who is looking for some student loan services that you can avail online, then you might have probably encountered about the Fedloan servicing scam. But is there any truth to this? Read on to find out more.

What Is Fedloan Servicing?

The Fedloan servicing was set up in order to help the Department of Education in providing student loans that are owned by the federal government. This was run by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency or PHEAA. Basically, the main goal of this program is to offer help to students with financial means, so those who cannot afford to go to school can benefit from this program. This program is approved by the US Department of Education so there is no truth about all those talks regarding the Fedloan servicing scam. The PHEAA is committed to supporting students who are in need financially, thus, they offer their loan services in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

Where to Get Student Loans: Funding Education

As a recent high school graduate, you may be wondering where to get Student loans to pay for college. There are very few things that are as important as getting a good education. With an education you can open doorways to finding a great job that pays you an awesome salary. Not only can you make more money with an education, you will also be privy to a wide variety of different experiences that you may not have ever encountered. Finding student loans is very easy and the first place to start is right on your computer.

The Internet: Finding you the Best Loans

For students wondering where to get student loansfrom, should definitely search the internet. Google can help you find a plethora of different student loans that will have low interest fees for students. Most of the student loans sites will also give you a lot of different payment options that will allow you to pay for school. Some of these loans are as much as $30,000 and will only require that you have a parent or guardian co-sign for it. Aside from low interest fees many of these loan companies will allow you to pay them back after you graduate.

How to Apply for FAFSA Student Loans?

FAFSA student loans are loans which students can avail of regardless of their financial situation. But before you go on to apply for this kind of student loan, it is important that you know some of the most important information about it so you won’t have to encounter some problems along the way.

Basics of FAFSA Application

Submitting your application for the FAFSA student loans as early as possible will certainly benefit you. Therefore, make a commitment to get it done now no matter how busy you might seem to be. Remember that there are about 130 questions on the application form which you need to answer. Most of the questions are financial related so make sure that you answer everything as this will serve as the basis for the approval of the FAFSA student loans.

A lot of the questions are easy to answer and it just requires you to provide your personal information, such as your complete name and address, your full Social Security Number and some information about your family. There are some special guidelines that would apply in case your parents got divorced or they remarried. But do not worry because all the questions for the FAFSA student loans are so easy.

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